Black Screen Video Template 3

Black Screen Video Template


Black Screen Video Template 3

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Using green screen shots?

Once you have recorded your green screen shots, remove the green parts of the image and replace it with your own background. This is done through a process called chroma keying, which selects a color and removes each instance of that color from the image. Any image that holds this image “behind” will be visible later.

There are two common ways to generate a chroma key:

1. In real time, use a video switcher or special effects generator.

2. In later products, use editing or editing software.


Key effect of Adobe Premiere Chroma:

We will consider using the second method because it is more common, especially for beginners. How you make a chroma key depends on the editing software you use, but this is a common process used by most applications.

*Place the green screen shots in one layer in chronological order.

*Place the scenes or image to be used as a background in a layer below the green screen scenes.

*Add green screen or chroma key effect on top layer (example shown is the effect provided with Adobe Premiere).

*Select the green color to use on the key. Most software offers a color picker to do this.

*After selecting the color, parts of the image will become transparent and you should see the background appear in these areas. Adjust the various parameters to get the best result.


Green Screen Tips:

*Some software packages offer exclusive green and blue screen effects, which should make the screen more specific in color. If these effects do not work, use the most common and forgiving chroma key effect.

*In most studios, there will be some variations in the screen color that can be changed evenly no matter how hard you try. When selecting the main color, try to select an area of ??the screen that best represents the overall color.

*The main parameters to adjust include uniformity and blending.  Black Screen Video Template Check these out to see how they work.
You should always adjust these to get an acceptable effect.

*Make sure anyone who appears in your video can wear green (or blue if you use blue screen). You should also avoid green (or blue) props and other objects. Look for logos and logos on people’s clothing – these may be small, they are not noticed by anyone in the shoot, but after adding the key they become horribly transparent holes in the person’s body.

*Avoid green or blue and you will notice that some colors and shades perform better than others. For example, dark colored clothing may create a green border around the front objects rather than light colors. You need to spend some time experimenting with different colors.




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