Download Vidmate Latest APK 2022

Vidmate Latest APK 2022

Vidmate Latest APK 2022 – VidMate Best Free Video Downloader

Download Vidmate Latest APK– You want to download Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Moj, Mx Taka Tak Video. this So here we are going to tell you about such a video downloader mobile app from which you can download any video instantly and convert it from Mp4 to Mp3. In such a situation, if you want to download such a multitasking Vidmate App.

Not that we do not have other apps the internet to download on the internet. But Vidmate is an app in which there is a chance to download direct videos from all other social media like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook in one place. You will not get anywhere else, in such a situation, if you download Vidmate APK and install it on the phone, then you will get many benefits.



Download Vidmate APK

Here we are going to give complete detailed information with a Vidmate downloader video guide that how to download video and music from anywhere using it? You will get all the entertainment content in one place on the smartphone itself and you will not have to download any other app because we will get information about Vidmate PC, Jio, and Android on all three platforms.

1 Vidmate App
2 Vidmate App Features
2.1 New & Old Movies
2.2 Trending Videos
2.3 Guess You Like These Videos
2.4 Latest Music
2.5 Trending Tv Show
2.6 Funny Moment
2.7 Dance Video
2.8 Premium Apps
2.9 Viral Images
3 How to Download Vidmate?
3.1 Download Vidmate Latest APK For Android
3.2 Download Vidmate For PC
3.3 Download Vidmate App for Jio Phone
4 How to Download Video?
4.1 Download YouTube Video
4.2 Download Facebook Video
4.3 Download Instagram Video
4.4 Download Movie
4.5 Download TV Shows
4.6 Download WhatsApp Status
4.7 Download Mp3 Music
5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Vidmate
5.1 Advantages
5.2 Damage


Vidmate is a downloader application that is available for Android, PC, and Jio Phones. Vidmate 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 Old version to the latest version 2021 people use today. Because all the versions of it have different features. In such a situation, if someone wants to download videos from all social media, then Vidmate latest version 2021 will have to be downloaded for that.

From here, videos are downloaded from Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, Fun, MX Taka Tak, Twitter, and all other social media. This app is made for the international market, in which many such social media videos are found which are not valid in India such as TikTok. After downloading Vidmate, you can download videos and Music, together you get to download Hindi movies.

If you say it in easy language, then this is an all-in-one entertainment solution for the user you get all the TV shows by downloading Pikashow latest APK. By the way, after downloading Vidmate, you will get to download all kinds of videos, music, movies, and images that will not be available on any other application.

Let us know how you will get the features in it, then you will get information about how to download Vidmate?

Vidmate App Features

This has been the view of a user after doing the Vidmate app download install the new version. This is a complete solution and after using it, they did not feel the need for any other application, here they got everything that they needed.

Vidmate  APK 2022


New & Old Movies

How are all the methods used on the Internet to download movies? Everyone knows that in such a situation if you download and use Vidmate anywhere on the phone, or computer. So you get a complete section in which all new movies are found, including Hollywood, Bollywood, and South Indian movies. You can watch them online or if you have an internet facility then you can download them on an offline phone and watch them anytime.

Trending Videos

You like many such videos on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or any other social media and want to download them on the phone. In such a situation, if you have downloaded Vidmate’s latest APK, then you can immediately save any trending video on an offline phone in one click and share it wherever you want. Here all the social media have been integrated and everyone’s videos are found in one place.

Guess You Like These Videos

There are some videos that people like the most and people want to see them. In such a situation, a section is available here named Guess You Like These Videos, it contains all such videos which common users like the most.

Latest Music

In today’s time, be it Jio Caller tune or Mp3 music, you can only listen online from any app, you cannot download it on mobile. But after downloading Vidmate, you can download any music in MP3 and if you are not getting any in Mp3, then you can convert and download it.

Trending Tv Show

There are many Indian and American TV shows that people watch the most. In such a situation, if you will get the TV show that peoples like the most. Even the popular TV serials coming on TV like Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, Kapil Sharma Show, Kumkum Bhagya, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai will get all the TV shows.

Funny Moment

Today is the era of the shortest video, many short videos are shared on the internet. In such a situation, if you want to download such funny videos. So you will find here, especially people download the video of meme boy from here, you also get this facility on Vidmate. Which may be found on any other mobile app.



Dance Video

There are many dance reality shows all over the world and some people upload dance videos on YouTube. In such a situation, who does not like to watch dance, here you will find dance videos from all over the world, which you can watch online and download.

Premium Apps

Many premium mobile apps cannot be downloaded for free. If the user wants to download a phone, then money has to be paid for it. But if you get all the popular and premium gaming, photo editing, and video editing apps for free in the Vidmate app section, download them.

Viral Images

There are many viral images on the Internet, which also include meme images or you will find anything from wallpaper to secret click images here, which you can share and download.

How to Download Vidmate?

Vidmate video downloader is available for all types of platforms. You can use it on smartphones, JioPhone, and computers everywhere. Here we have to download and install Vidmate latest version on all three platforms in such a situation. Information has been given about this, you can download it for any platform using any method according to your requirement.



Download Vidmate Latest APK For Android

Most of it is used on Android phones only. People want to download and watch videos on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube on their phones. So in such a situation, if you want to download Vidmate on an Android phone. So for this follow the easy steps mentioned here.

Vidmate Latest APK For Android

Because you will not find it on Play Store and you will have to download and install it from the official website,

Step 1. First of all, you go to the Vidmate website by clicking on the link.

Step 2. Here you get an official download button. Click on it.

Step 3. Now Vidmate Apk has been downloaded on the phone. Go to File Manager.

Step 4. Click on the APK file and enable Unknown sources from here.

Step 5. Now you click on Install.

Step 6. Vidmate has been installed on the phone, you can start it by clicking on Open.

Download Vidmate For PC

Vidmate does not have any computer software. In such a situation, the user who wants to use it on the computer will have to use the Android App on the computer itself by using the emulator, but this will benefit the user that he can install this video downloader on the computer and use whatever. You can download the video if you want.

Download Vidmate For PC

*Here we can use it on the computer in this easy way.

*First of all download the Bluestacks emulator on your computer.

*Install Bluestacks on the computer.

*Now download Vidmate by clicking on the link.

*Now go to the My Apps option and install the Vidmate video downloader.

Download Vidmate App for Jio Phone

Everyone knows that Direct Android App cannot be used on Jio Phone. In such a situation, there comes an application for Jio Phone named OmniSD, after downloading which you can use any Android App on JioPhone. If you have a Jio phone, then you have to download OmniSD first, then by following these steps, you can install Vidmate APK on the phone.

*Download APK from Vidmate website.
*Go to the Files option on the phone.
*Click on the Apk given here and open it with OmniSD.
*Now here you will get the option of install, click on it.
*Vidmate will be installed on your Jio phone.


How to Download Video?

We have installed the video downloader Vidmate on the phone, now it is our turn. If we like a video or movie and want to download it on the phone, how can we do it? There are many social media available here like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and others, so you do not have to download them separately, all videos and movies are downloaded in the same way.

Download YouTube Video

Most people want to download videos from YouTube because both small and big videos are found here. In which all types of videos are included in movies, songs, funny, and tutorials. In such a situation, with the help of Vidmate YouTube Downloader, you can save any YouTube video on the phone immediately.

For this, by clicking on the YouTube icon given on the phone, you will get to see all the videos. Any video you like. Click on the download icon below its title and select the video quality, then you can download it.


Download Facebook Video

Downloading Facebook videos is very easy, you just click on the Facebook icon given on Vidmate App and all the videos which are shared on Facebook. All of them will be found in a list, if you want to search for a video, enter its name or URL in the search, you can search it, and then you can save that video by clicking on the download icon.

We have told you earlier about downloading Instagram Reels videos. But if you download Vidmate new version APK. So you will get a chance to download all videos like Instagram Reels, Feed, and IGTV simultaneously, for this you will not have to download any other mobile app separately.

For this also click on the Instagram icon given in the menu and then you will see all the videos in the list, click on the one you like and then download it on mobile.


Download Movie

This is a better platform for you to download movies, where you get to see all the new movies on the internet. In this, all the movies of Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, animated, and special categories are found. In such a situation, if you ever feel like watching a movie instead of a video, then you should come to the Vidmate movie section.

Here all the latest movie lists are available which you can download with just one click. By clicking on any movie you like, you can download it directly and save it offline on the phone and watch it anytime.


Download TV Shows

As we mentioned above if you want to watch or download TV shows like Kumkum Bhagya, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Kapil Sharma. So a whole section is available for this in Vidmate. In which you only get to watch TV shows, whether you watch them online or download them on mobile, it is up to you. To download you have to click on the icon given below.

Download WhatsApp Status

If you want any kind of status on WhatsApp, then you will also find it here in which you get Shayari, Quotes, Videos, and Images. You can download all WhatsApp statuses in just one click, for this click on the WhatsApp icon and click on whatever status you want to download or share it directly on WhatsApp.


Download Mp3 Music

All types of music will be found here, which includes English, Hindi, Panjabi and Bhojpuri, and others. There is no separate section for music here, but you can download and convert YouTube music videos to Mp3. When you open the video, the same comes to select the format and you can download it by selecting Mp3 from here.

See, if you download Mobile App like this, then it has some advantages and some disadvantages too. Here is when you are going to download and use Vidmate. So you need to know about its advantages and disadvantages.


*This is a free mobile app. can be downloaded for any Android phone
*Any social media video can be seen online from here.
*You can download videos from Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram using Vidmate Downloader.
*Here you can find all the latest movies and all the new movies coming on the internet will be found here.
*Any TV shows are available here which anyone can watch for free.
*All viral images and memes that are shared virally on social will be found.


*No platform allows downloading videos. In such a situation, if you download any social media video, then it is against its policy.
*Its APK is not available in the Google Play Store, so downloading it on the phone can be a little risky.

Friends, here we have told you about Vidmate’s latest APK download and its use if you want to download or watch social media videos on mobile. So this is the application that you will get all kinds of videos and music here in one place and after that, you will not have to download any other app, if you have any questions or suggestions about it, definitely tell us about it in the comment.


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