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10 Things You Should Never Be Doing In Google Slides: A blog about tips for google slides. With some practical how-to’s that you can use in your class!

10 Best Slides You Can Make in  A blog discussing 10 excellent slides which can be done in  Slides.

Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the tools and templates you need to get started: blog about how you can use  to build your props.

A Sliding Puzzle Game for Everyone! A blog around the new game. Our Beautiful Community: A blog about the google slide community

How to Create Slides Using PowerPoint: This blog gives a detailed explanation of how to incorporate slides into your next presentation for work.

3 Mistakes New Athletes Make With Training Programs and How To Fix Them: a blog dealing with common problems new athletes run into along with recommendations on how to solve them.

What to Bring to Google Slides: a blog where you can find out what’s the best checklist.

Google Slides Tips: A blog is created that has tips and tricks regarding . Also included are different templates to download to utilize in the classroom.

Let’s Get Physical: A blog around making the most out of Google .

What Your Say About You: A blog about how to make a good google slides for presentations.

All You Need to Know About  Slides: A blog explaining the benefits along with tips.

New AI Technology Allows Google to Make Its Own Google Slides Presentations: An explanation and blog about the new technology.

Create Your Own Amazing Slides: how-to guide on using  Slides for presentations and more.

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