Heart particles Black Screen Template

Heart particles Black Screen Template


Heart particles Black Screen Template

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Using green screen shots?

Once you have recorded your green screen shots, remove the green parts of the image and replace it with your own background. This is done through a process called chroma keying, which selects a color and removes each instance of that color from the image. Any image that holds this image “behind” will be visible later.

There are two common ways to generate a chroma key:

1. In real time, use a video switcher or special effects generator.

2. In later products, use editing or editing software.

Key effect of Adobe Premiere Chroma:

We will consider using the second method because it is more common, especially for beginners. How you make a chroma key depends on the editing software you use, but this is a common process used by most applications.

*Place the green screen shots in one layer in chronological order.

*Place the scenes or image to be used as a background in a layer below the green screen scenes.

*Add green screen or chroma key effect on top layer (example shown is the effect provided with Adobe Premiere).

*Select the green color to use on the key. Most software offers a color picker to do this.

*After selecting the color, parts of the image will become transparent and you should see the background appear in these areas. Adjust the various parameters to get the best result.




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