Home Automation With Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Explain

Home Automation With Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Explain


Home Automation With Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Explain


Yes, it’s possible started with riously and made the exact same product but using two different modules like nodemcu for wiper control automation and modern for loop control automation okay well I made using that because previously the project was not at all, working on this ESP 32 word like I was not able to use Wi Fi and Bluetooth simultaneously into the single module but now I figured out the solution, and how we can use like the protocol using one single module, and that the ESP board. So for making this project, you’ll require all this component. Fill out the legal cover article in the description of this video. When I have like the list of all components used and every other details regarding this project, so do check out the article after completion of this video for getting all the components, you have to connect them all in this manner.


Now getting you to complex there are a lot of connection cases design my own custom PCB for this project and give its orders later into CNC PCB. And also order your own custom PCBs from the PCB by uploading your Gerber file on the PTS rodak also like the color masking if you want, and pay for your order. melda started deliberating, again, this time using the sporadic service option.So now you can start out doing your own custom piece of news for your next projects, or maybe products. After getting the PCBs and shoulding all the components on it. I just connected it with one of my switchboard connection diagrams, it’s also forwarded in that weapon article, so you can defer that for the connection.So this was on the hardware part of the project, knowledge is worn to the Wi Fi and Bluetooth application part. So for Wi Fi control I used this blink app, in which I just created a new project. He was named has Wi Fi control selected the board sp sp Three, two, and well connection is why.After creating a new project, the step on the screen and add a button here, upon that. To configure it.


Select the print has virtually been given more has switched. Similarly, I’ve created three more patterns with what you’re doing, v2, v3, and v4.
So that’s it about the Viper application setup. So now, if you want to build an application then. Our team has developed our own custom glue to the application on MIT App Inventor whose detailed explanation I already covered in the previous video, so just watch out that video in case you want to understand like how we made that approval application and how to prove the application is actually working on the link of that video in the i button, as well as in the description of this video.


So with this we completed the application part of the project. Now let us move on to the most important part of this project. And that’s the coding. So here is the code that we have used for a project. So the code start with the declension of, when I say libraries that is the blink library, and a Bluetooth serial library, whose respective links are attached in the code itself so you can download it, in case you don’t have it. And here we are declaring an object for you know serial Bluetooth communication, that is called as serial MIDI. Okay, then here we have a variable that will be storing all the data coming from the Bluetooth client side, pretty simple.


Here we have defined the pin numbers, according to the relay we have attached on the PCB. That’s pretty simple. So now here you have to provide the authentication token, bluetooth based home automation using arduino, which must be sent to your blink registered email id okay so this would be the inbox of that email id and the score with the authentication token and paste that here. That’s it, then you do run the second name and password as this project do require internet connection at a time of working with the blink application Okay, that’s it now let’s jump on to the second part of the project.


So here we are just beginning the serial communication at the university portrait. Okay, then here comes the most important line, without which the project was not at all working previously and that is bt start that means like Bluetooth start this function is responsible for turning on the Bluetooth of the ESP 32 board. Well, I was already doing about this particular function. Previously, but why I have not included that in the previous project is just because it was already included in the source file of the Bluetooth serial library, let me just show you.Okay. As you can see, also this is the source file of the Bluetooth serial library that is uploaded sedar dot c++, and here if you search for a bt stat.Let me just show you if you search for bt standards, you will see this function is being called here and, and this function is already caught from the main loop. So this function is already been initialized in the project, even if we don’t write this function, okay. But still, in the previous code if I just comment out this line. This project was not working previously, but if I include this function in the main code itself, it started working and now if I remove it.


Again, it will still start working. I’m really not sure like what’s happening inside the code, you just need to include this function for only once and now if I remove it. The program the project will still work on the ESP 32, but it won’t be working on the New Year’s with you too if I approve this much in light of work. home automation bluetooth, home automation bluetooth arduino, arduino home automation bluetooth application, esp32 bluetooth home automation, bluetooth based wireless home automation system,home automation wifi switch, home automation wifi module, home automation wifi, home automation wifi or z wave, wifi home automationSo that is a reason which I found during like like doing trial and error is different, ESP three two boards. So, this was the language in which I was able to control it with Wi Fi, and with Bluetooth simultaneously. Okay, so this is a function that will add so here is a single MIDI dot begin our Intel which we have to provide the Bluetooth name to this Bluetooth model of ESP 32 for my project is defined as ESP 32 underscore Bluetooth. You can you name according to your test will be Bluetooth automation, or any any random name. Okay, so that you have that so that thing you have to mention here.



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