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Most people who want to make money online are currently using blogging. What’s different about blogs and websites on the Internet is that only a few specific blogs are rated by search engines (i.e. Google, Bing, and others). Such a well-rated blog (blog), increases blog traffic, will first appear to our eyes when we search for something. We will also click and read that blog.

What happens when you click and read like this? It is understandable that you think so. A blog that is well rated by search sites and gets top priority gets more traffic. Atanga will get more visitors. The more visitors to a blog, the easier Google Adsense Approval will be for that blog. Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing make a lot of money.

How to increase blog traffic

increase blog traffic

How to increase traffic on a blog? You can see that.

1. Title Selection Method:

What topic to choose? Which attracts the most views? Such questions appear to most of us before we start blogging. As far as I’m concerned, it’s good to choose your favorite topic. Because not everyone who wants to start blogging wants to make it a full-time job in the first place. We will start blogging with the aim of earning more income for college students and job seekers. Thus we can not spend much time writing a blog. This is where choosing and writing our favorite topic can prevent us from wasting our time. It does not take much time to gather information to write a blog.

2. Top News, Articles:

On the blog, the best posts we write attract the audience. Stimulate curiosity and lead to reading our posts. So it is important to post the best posts. Audiences should post articles exploring what posts they like, what topic news the audience is currently expecting. After posting news on a topic today, do not post an article that does not fit the Black topic two days later. Visitors will not want to read those posts if they do so. As a result, Google is more likely to reduce the quality of the blog as well.

3. Popular topic:

Visitors often do not want to read old information or known information. You can easily get more views by posting posts on topics that are currently popular. That is the most searched topic on search engines like Google.

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4. Improving the title to suit search sites:

Search sites One of the best ways to rate a blog is to choose the right title and title and post it. By using the right titles, search engines can prioritize our blog in organic search.

What is Organic Search? Organic search is the search engine that prioritizes our blog. Organic search is about prioritizing our blogs without giving any money to the search engine.

The information in the articles should be posted clearly and in a simple way that everyone can understand. Along with that, you have to choose the keywords correctly and add them to the articles. Doing so will get more visitors to the block.



5. Long-tail keywords:

Those who are new to Black are better off focusing on long words. Only then will it be easier to compete with other blockbusters. Longer keywords will have more than three keywords. A person searching for information on the Internet should explore what words to use and set up long keywords accordingly.

Short-tail keywords are used by blocks with high traffic. There will be at least two keywords in the short keywords. Newly started blocks are unable to compete with blocks with high traffic. So if you want to start blogging fresh, you better focus on long keywords. You can seek the help of an SEO Specialist for this.

A lot of websites on the internet offer SEO service. increase blog traffic You can get SEO services for their blog by contacting them. You have to pay for this. SEO services are currently provided by most individuals. If you are not able to pay the fees charged by those websites, you can look for sites like Fiverr, freelancer, Upwork, etc. SEO services are provided by some people at low prices there.


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6. The topic that attracts the audience:

I already mentioned the topic. Some more important news on the topic can be found below. No matter what time it takes to write an article that clearly appeals to everyone, our hard work is likely to be in vain if the title is not right. Yes, you should read this article or not? Giving the audience the answer to the question is the title of our article. The title of the article will not only attract the viewer, but also the search engine. The search engine will prioritize our articles or news in organic search.

Another great way is to add numbers to the title. For example, let’s look at the top 15 ways to increase traffic on the block. Adding numbers to a title like this will prompt the audience to read the record.


7. Meta description or tag set:

We would all have noticed this. That being said, we would have searched a thing on the search engine. That search engine will show us a lot of network packages. Each of those networks has a title and a couple of lines under it. The set of words in those two lines is called the meta description.

That meta description should appeal to readers. Audiences will count on us to read our posts if they are more accurately understood by the audience. Don’t give the wrong meta description in the sense that visitors should read our post. Doing so will erode the credibility that visitors have on our website. So do not post such misinformation so that visitors can click and view our post. It is also likely to reduce the quality of our blog.

8. URL Selection:

Can you believe if the URL determines the quality of a website? That’s true. The URL should be clear and understandable to the audience and appropriate for our article collection. Setting the URL in this way will allow the search engine to better evaluate our network and then place our articles first in the search engine.

9. Fastest running website, network:

It’s too late to log in to some networks. Assuming that this network does not seem to be loading at this time, we will try to read the news on another network. If such a network takes time to load, it will cause a kind of annoyance to the audience. Therefore the speed of the network should be increased. A lot of websites offer services to increase speed. You can fix this problem by seeking them out.



10. Responding to a block comment:

If the audience comments on our blog, it means that our blog has become well-tested among the audience. Responding to that comment will give the audience and us some sort of credibility. The comments of other visitors will give a good impression about our blog to the visitors who are new to our blog.

11. Naming photos appropriately:

We will upload photos between or last posts on our blog. If you upload the correct name under the photos so uploaded, visitors looking for photos on the search site will have the opportunity to see our posts as well. So it is important to give the photos a proper name.

12. Input link:

Visitors to the blog should read the next post after reading an article or news. Doing so should make the audience read the next posts without leaving our blog. Only then will the bounce rate of the block decrease. The search engine will prioritize our blog. For this, you need to set up an internal link to read exactly one post and then read the next.


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13. Setting up a backlink:

What is backlinking? Backlinks are when other blog owners use the link to our blog on their blog. If our blog is very popular, others will use it.

If our site’s link is used extensively on other blogs, our blog will be reviewed by search sites and will take precedence over search.

14. Continuing to post records:

If you continue to post on the blog, our blog has a lot of opportunities to get more visitors.

15. Social Websites:

Social networking sites such as Quora and Reddit are a tool for bringing our records to the audience. increasing blog traffic Start an account on social websites like this. Write down the answers to the questions and add the link to your website. Definitely, this is the best way to increase the audience.

Try using everything I have said above. By using them you can definitely get more visitors two or three months after starting the block.


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