How To Made A Solar Panel LED

How To Made A Solar Panel LED


How To Made A Solar Panel LED

are suddenly into LED lights, everyone know that, but that is something that we don’t know. Oh, geez. If I remove the source and expose the LED directly into sun, then photon hits the pn junction of LED and generates electron hole pair and the LED produces electricity. So if I expose thousands of leads into CERN. Does it really charge my smartphone led comes in various sizes, also in various colors, so it is quite challenging to choose the right LED. For this purpose. So I have collected several LEDs and started testing it under the sun. But as the light intensity continuously changes due to the cloud. So I was getting inconsistent results. That is why I have used our 135 watt constant light source, using which I’m getting similar results like outdoor. So I tested this daily these one by one and made two bar graphs, one for genetic voltage, and another one for genetic current.


I’m quite surprised to see the result. I thought that transparent white LED will produce more energy. But surprisingly, it produces the least amount of energy.Why does this yellow one gives a maximum output.So I bought 3000 yellow led to make the solar panel. One yellow led generates around 1.6 volts. So my plan is to connect, really this in series to get around the five volt and connect the rest of the leaders in parallel to increase the current.


I first thought of making it using very good, but connecting thousands of aliens in series in parallel, is a very tedious process. Then my friend pcbway told me that they will be more than happy to sponsor this project. So I quickly made a circuit and ordered it into their website. If you don’t know anything about pcbway. is one of the most popular PCB manufacturer out there. Besides manufacturing high quality PCBs. They also provide professional assembly services. If you need any PCB for your project. Feel free to try out the services. After getting the PCB. I immediately started soldering finally completed that took me, roughly three days to solar.


Now let’s connect them and check if everything is fine or not. Okay, now moment of truth. We are getting around five volts. So far so good.And sorts that it currently is around 86 million, which is not that much great, but I can store the energy into the battery and use it later to power light on a low powered fan. Even I can charge my smartphone, up to view percentages.


So, is it really a good idea to build one. Absolutely not. Because a small solar panel is even more powerful than this big one. But it was a fun experiment. I hope you have learned something. If you like this video then share it with your friends and make sure you have subscribed DD Lake today for more new awesome videos. So see you in my next video. Till then bye bye.



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