How To Make Whatsapp Status Video Template

Whatsapp Status Video

Status Video Template

Whatsapp video status is what the people are looking for. Rather than making a normal update on WhatsApp, try to tell stories with it and make your friends laugh. People love humor so add some humor to your videos with a good “beat” of music in the background.

Enjoy a fun song while showing off your personality in your video! Turn it into a music video, go out and scout for nice scenery to shoot or simply have fun with yourself. Make sure to click the “share” button and show off your video to the world.

The younger generation is addicted to the most popular messaging platform, WhatsApp. They all want to be everywhere they can and this is why they make their own .

Use your smartphone to make a funny video, and then post it. This way all of your friends can enjoy your sense of humor, and you can keep them updated with your life.


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The latest thing on social media is doing your WhatsApp Video Status. Here, you can come up with a story to tell using your video status update. You can also add some humor and make our friends laugh.




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