Mini Power Plant Solar To Charge Your Smartphone Explain

Mini Power Plant Solar To Charge Your Smartphone Explain

Mini Power Plant Solar to charge your Smartphone Explain

Hi, I’ll show you how to make your own small solar station, which may charge phones, smartphones, tablets cameras GPS devices, any kind of devices with USB or five volt charging adapter. The main elements we need are the solar cells. as far as a dry avorio silicon crystals quite costly, I recommend you to buy a ready made one, they don’t cost a fortune, we’re going to need 12 modules size doesn’t matter at all. Choose any the larger other cells, the more power they produce, for example the solar cells like these, generate one ampere. They’re perfect for one device charging, and these batteries provide full ambrus power, they will do if you want to charge two or three devices simultaneously. The next necessary thing we need is the body. I’ve made it out of two pieces of hard plastic and fasten them with two hinges, to make it more compact.


I’ve also reinforced its borders with the same plastic for better protection. This measure prevents the sound panel from damages. Thus, it’s done sportability is improved as a better version, I’ve tried to make the body out of soft plastic. As a result, the cells, almost turn into rubbish. However, they were stored throughout soldering. Now let’s have a look at the sampling process. The cells must be soldered in series, one by one, Asian insert, I take the wire and solder it to the outer part of the first cell and another edge of the wire to the second cell fastening it to its outer metallic covering, then I do the same thing with all of those houses soldering them together in series. If you do it all right, you will get exactly what I was talking about the power source, we need for charging USB or like USB devices. This type of assembly has a nice benefit. We don’t need a charge controller.


It means that we can source, a device directly without any damage from the voltage, now you’re watching me gluing the solar cells with a Tim a blessing adhesive in solid beats does there is space between them. It’s highly important. This all makes sure that sounds one Greg, even as the winding curves are little, it means that construction with Flexi, and sustainable. Keep in mind the fact that one single crack stops the whole system from working the elements will depend on mustn’t touch each other. Otherwise there will be a short cost circuit. If you don’t like soldering yourself.


You can also buy some ready made parts of the construction or an entirely made system. If you do so, all what’s left is to attach a charging cable. You may also use a wastewater. Another option is to attach a small charging cable directly. You may also use a waste one look and see. Eventually this battery is ready to use its light and doesn’t take much space, I call to stop for little money. But there is one more thing must be done a little invention is to be tested.


Under real circumstances. There is one trick I use in purpose to squeeze out its maximum potential, you see these Marple needs more than one ampere voltage on our solar panel can provide just one ampere consequently the charging process will go novice past, there is one surprising fact, when a device is half charged it demand less than one ampere, therefore the station accumulate some extra energy, the power bank attached to the solar panel consumes entire generate energy so the power bank what lends energy be generated in vain because energy saved this way, may come in handy in a cloudy day, or if you desperately need some energy, my own hiking experience proved that this Mosel station can easily provide energy enough to charge the devices of three people once it was really hard for three days long, despite this fact the stored energy met our needs. On the one hand, we had to be a bit saving, but on the other hand, when it became more sunny. It took us just few hours to charge, all our devices, its usage is not limited by camping only.



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